The Structure of the Organisation

Stirling Council Organisation Structure Chart

Register of Officer Interests

The Senior Managers and Chief Officers are accountable to the Chief Executive for the day-to-day management of services.  They work collaboratively to:

  • Lead, manage and coordinate the individual functions that make up the range of services we provide. 
  • Implement strategic initiatives including priority actions from the single outcomes agreement and corporate plans. 
  • Maintain engagement with partners and key stakeholders in the delivery of service provision. 
  • Shape and implement policies to support best practice and the efficient delivery of services. 
  • Monitor, assess and improve the performance of managers staff and others providing services for and on behalf of the council. 

The Chief Executive, Senior Managers and Chief Officers make up the Council’s Corporate Management Team. 

Council Key Priorities

Stirling Council has set out its key priorities for the next four years. 

Priority A

We will look after all of our citizens, from early years through to adulthood, by providing quality education and social care services, to allow everybody to lead their lives to their full potential.

Priority B

We will target all forms of poverty across our communities and mitigate the impact of austerity and welfare cuts on those hit the hardest.

Priority C

We will create more affordable housing and social housing in all of Stirling’s communities. We will lead by example as an organisation in setting exceptional standards in building practice, environmental practice, employer practice, tenant relations and homelessness prevention. 

Priority D

We will deliver inclusive economic growth and promote prosperity.  We will deliver a City Region Deal and pursue policies and solutions that encourage high quality, high paying jobs into all of Stirling’s communities.

Priority E

We will create and implement environmental and infrastructure improvements. We will deliver new ownership and delivery methods around energy generation, public transport and internet access, ensuring profits and services work to the community, not commercial priorities.

Priority F

We will commit and coordinate our resources to ensuring Stirling becomes a must visit destination; with heritage, culture, environment and economic strategies working hand in hand to encourage tourists to stay for a minimum of three days and two nights. 

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