Under Best Value, councils are expected to use a model of self-assessment to demonstrate an effective approach to corporate performance management.  In May 2010, Stirling Council adopted the Public Service Improvement Framework (PSIF) as their overarching self-assessment framework, and a programme is currently under development to roll this out across our services.

PSIF was developed in partnership with Quality Scotland, West Lothian Council, the Improvement Service and Investors in People, and was designed specifically for use in public services in Scotland. Since its launch in September 2006 it has slowly rolled out across the public sector, and many public sector organisations across Scotland now use this framework.

The framework involves a review led by a trained facilitator and based on evidence compiled against nine core components (see diagram below).  The resulting assessment provides a basis on which improvement activities can be prioritised.

Details of the model and its nine components are provided in the following document:

Overview of PSIF

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