Enigmatic, prolific and influential, GASP is arguably one of underground hip-hop’s most revered emcees. Via a steady slew of videos, he portrays a character bordering on unhinged, lunacy, aggression, a sense of horror either stuffed down your throat where you stand, or else lurking never too far away. In his lyrics however you see the humour and the innate ability to sum up common experience in neat verse that has kept him at the top of the scene’s foodchain for years now. A leafing through his greatest hits starts out with a stream of classy boom-bap, goosebump-inducing insight and clever poetry, and ramps up into manic, wide-eyed, roaringly hilarious storytelling and mock-horror tales of hyper-violence – a gift he has for diss and put-down that’s gleamed through a fierce reputation as a battle-rapper. Joining him on the night is cult producer Physiks, a regular collaborator and part of what has kept GASP’s output of the highest quality in production and musicality.


“…a gifted knack of storytelling that holds raw truths and concise insightfullness as well as owning mastery word play which is inescapably engaging and unavoidably inspiring.” – Louder Than War




In support is emerging emcee and Scottish Alternative Music Award-nominated artist Jackal Trades. A writer whose distinctive rasp and work with a range of esteemed producers has seen his reputation build, through two self-released albums chocked full of social observation, political backlash and sarcastic one-liners.


“Jackal Trades is at the core of Scottish hip hop for a reason” – Small Music Scene


Note: show is Ages 18+


Starts Duration Location Contact
Saturday 9 March 2019 a 7:30 pm 2 Hours 30 mins Tolbooth phone email language
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