Bonnie is in trouble. It’s her birthday and everyone in the palace is acting crazy. Her best friend Jester is refusing to let anyone into her party and keeps muttering no-one loves her like him. Prince Charming is scary – declaring it is his destiny to marry her (though they only met 5 minute ago). If that isn’t bad enough Fairy Contrary is refusing to get out of bed until the party’s over.

Will Bonnie ever get to enjoy her party?
Will Jester tell her he loves her?
Will Fairy Contrary ever get out of her night-goon?
Let’s boo, hiss, laugh and sing at another panto extravaganza!

Starts Duration Location Contact
Tuesday 11 December 2018 a 7:30 pm 451
Saturday 12 January 2019 a 7:00 pm 451
Thursday 13 December 2018 a 7:30 pm 451
Wednesday 14 November 2018 a 7:30 pm 451
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