On the anniversary of Scotland’s greatest battle join Dr Murray Cook on a guided walk, following the route taken by the Scots to the English camp and Day 2 of the Battle, which has no commemorations and fanfare, just mud, blood and destiny. Learn about the tactical decisions taken by Scotland’s greatest King, a military genius and innovator, who learned from Wallace and won Scotland its freedom.

Meeting Point

Battle of Bannockburn Visitor Centre (Stirling FK7 0LJ)

Tour Duration 3 hours, finishing back at the Visitor Centre.

The Battle of Bannockburn, which took place over two days in June 1314, is the single most important conflict in Scottish history and yet the contrast between them could not be greater: for Day 1 which is commemorated at the National Trust Bannockburn Centre, Robert the Bruce had assembled his biggest ever army, which trained and drilled over land which he had prepared over weeks and months. He knew where and when the English were coming, they fell into his trap and he gave them a great big bloody nose! But that was all, Edward II was still about to relieve Stirling Castle, most of his army was fresh and unbloodied and the Scots were tired.

Bruce’s position as king required victories, without them he might be deposed, after 18 years of conflict the country needed peace, Scotland needed to beat the English, but to push ahead for a second engagement against fresh troops, who outnumbered the Scots two to one, on ground they did not know and had not trained on was surely madness? If Bruce died or was captured, the cause died with him and this time there was no Wallace to rally the people. Could Bruce pull of the biggest gamble in Scottish history to win its greatest prize?

Prices Adult £10, Concessions £8 Family (2 adults and up to 3 kids £25)

Starts Duration Location Contact
Sunday 23 June 2019 a 2:00 pm 3 hours Bannockburn Heritage Centre phone language
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