The Assessor for Central Scotland carries out valuations on properties; their website has details of the valuation band your property falls into. 

About Banding of Council Tax

What is Council Tax Banding?

All residential properties are given a Council Tax band, by the valuer from the Assessor's Office, based on the estimated value of the property at 1991 prices.  Even if your property wasn't built then, it is still assessed on 1991 prices.  How much Council Tax you pay depends upon the band your property has been given.

Who decides what my Council Tax band is?

The Assessor for Central Scotland, not the Council, carries out valuations on properties.  If you have an enquiry about your Council Tax band, please contact: - The Assessor for Central Scotland, Hillside House, Laurelhill, Stirling, FK8 2NA. telephone 01786 892200 or The Assessor for Central Scotland.

How can my house be valued at 1991 prices when it was not built then?

The Council Tax band applied to any house is based on an examination of the prices of all comparable houses sold at, or about, 1 April 1991.

How can I appeal against my Council Tax banding?

The Council does not set your Council Tax band.   This is set by The Assessor for Central Scotland so you should contact them directly if you wish to appeal against your Council Tax banding.

Last updated: Monday, March 7, 2022 9:31 AM