Home insurance is important to protect you from the consequences in the event of:

  • fire
  • flood
  • burglary

If you are a Stirling Council Tenant you can benefit from the Council's low cost home insurance scheme

Just over 500 tenants have taken up the Council’s scheme. If you are not insured, in the event of a fire, flood or a burglary tenants you will get nothing back. Some of our tenants hit by the consequences of bad weather last year did not have their personal belongings covered and could not afford to replace many of the items damaged. 


You can cut the cost of home insurance by using the Council’s scheme.
Premiums can be as low as £1.26 per week and 84p for the over 60’s and can be paid along with your rent for convenience.

Consider the comments of those who have taken out contents insurance:

  • I felt safer as I was guarded against loss of possessions if I were to be burgled, had a fire or my home was flooded.
  • I felt that the claims process was much easier than a private policy.
  • I felt that the costs was affordable. 
  • I liked the fact that you can choose low levels of cover.


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