Tenancy Agreement Lease

Our typical lease agreement is a Short Assured Tenancy. This means that your initial tenancy will be for 6 months and thereafter renewed on a month to month basis. The tenancy agreement explains our responsibility to you as a tenant, and in return, your rights and responsibilities. Should you require the agreement in a different format or language, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Tenancy Deposit Scheme

We are members of the Government approved scheme which is called the Letting Protection Service Scotland. In short, the law states that if you pay a deposit to your landlord or letting agent then they must protect it in a Government authorised Tenancy Deposit Scheme. The law was introduced to ensure that you are able to get your deposit back from your landlord or agent when you move out provided that you've met the terms of your tenancy agreement.


Our properties are maintained to a high standard and we hope that you do not require the use of our repairs service. However, we do understand that from time to time, a repair may be required. Timescales for various repairs fall into either an emergency category, within 24 hours or a general category where an appointment time will be arranged. Should an emergency repair be required outwith normal office hours, we have a Contact Centre which is operational 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


Pets are not permitted in our properties. However, if you have an assistance dog, for example, a guide dog, then please contact 01786 237752 or 237679 for advice.

Anti Social Behaviour

We have a zero-tolerance approach to incidents of anti-social behaviour. If you, or any visitors to your home, commit anti-social behaviour then we will take action to end your tenancy.

Contact Us

If you are experiencing anti-social behaviour from any of your neighbours, wish to request a repair or special uplift or have problems with paying rent and council tax, please contact the police on 101 and Safer Communities on 01786 404040.

Handy Telephone Numbers

Shelter Scotland                                        0808 800 4444

Police Scotland                                         101

Letting Protection Service Scotland             0330 303 0031

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