Please note an application form must be completed to allow us to consider awarding you an exemption from paying Non Domestic Rates.

This is an application form for relief available under The Non-Domestic Rates Application For Retail, Hospitality, Leisure and Aviation Relief 2021-22, known as Retail, Hospitality, Leisure and Aviation relief.

The 100% non-domestic rates relief for eligible properties in these sectors will be available for the whole of 2021-22. The list of eligible premises used wholly or mainly for Retail, Hospitality, Leisure and/or Aviation purposes are set out in Schedules 1 and 2 of the Regulations

If the property in question is already in receipt of 100% non-domestic rate relief in 2021-22, such as the small business bonus scheme, you should not apply for Retail, Hospitality and Leisure relief.

Who is eligible for relief?Any property which is used, predominantly or exclusively, to provide retail, hospitality or leisure service can apply and if the use of property, and description in Valuation Roll, meet criteria relief can be awarded.

How long will it take the Council to process my application?Once you have completed all sections of the application we will review your application and aim to make a decision by 1st May 2021.

If I qualify, what will I pay?If you qualify for this relief no rates will be payable by you, for this property in 2021/22.

How long do I have to apply for the relief?Relief can be applied for at any time but until an application is received and assessed, rates should be paid as requested on the demand notice you have received.

What if I have more than one eligible property?You need to apply separately for every property that you have, using the account reference number on each bill.

Please read the Privacy Notice before completing the form.

Non Domestic Rates Application For Retail, Hospitality, Leisure and Aviation Relief Application Form

Last updated: Thursday, April 22, 2021 9:49 AM