Our vision is for Stirling Council to become a more agile and responsive authority that works with our employees, partners and communities to deliver key priorities and achieve better local outcomes. We want to ensure that we have the flexibility, the right skills mix and capacity for change, as well as continuing to improve the quality and impact of core service provision.

Service delivery

The organisation must be flexible and adaptive, recognise the distinction between customers and communities in rural Stirling and the city, and their priorities, and support a move towards a Council that both directly delivers services and supports the delivery of services in partnership with customers, communities and other organisations. It must also be responsive to the financial challenges ahead, which include the requirement to save £29M over the next five years while continuing to deliver services worth around £200M per year over the same period.


The Council is also committed to improving the way it engages with employees, residents and other key stakeholders from the public, private, voluntary and community sectors, and to developing and modernising the way we deliver services.

Council Structure

Stirling Council implemented a new management structure in autumn/winter 2014. This structure has been designed to make the most out of opportunities and meet upcoming challenges, including a greater emphasis on community planning and community engagement, health and social care integration, shared services, economic development through the delivery of the strategic infrastructure plan, service users, community and customer expectations, and the continuing financial challenges.

For us, the key to drive and deliver transformation change internally and externally is through working as a team, across services.  We need the right people in the right positions in order to create an organisation that is focussed on delivery and is open and transparent with our employees, partners, local communities and stakeholders.

Five Year Business Plan 

Stirling Council's Five Year Business Plan is the blueprint to enable all our citizens and communities to be Prosperous, Healthy, Achieving and Resilient.

The plan is reviewed every year and updated in line with any changes in the Council’s priorities and any relevant external factors.

At its core are the Council's six Key Priorities which shape everything we do for our communities. Learn more about Stirling Council's Key Priorities.

Last updated: Tuesday, October 29, 2019 4:49 PM