Dear Parent/Carer

Following the First Minister’s statement on Monday (4 Jan), the Scottish Government has today (6 Jan) updated its supplementary guidance issued before Christmas for key workers applying for places in schools and nurseries:

  • If it is possible for children to be at home during this exceptional period, until schools and nurseries reopen to them, then they should be.
  • The number of children taking up these places in schools and nurseries during the strict lockdown period should be kept to the absolute minimum necessary.
  • Only key workers who are physically attending their workplace or who cannot fulfil their critical functions when they are working remotely from home may qualify for places.
  • Where alternative options are available – e.g. where childcare/remote learning can be provided or supported by one non-key-worker parent or carer who is able to work from home – these should be used instead of children attending school or nursery in person.

Should my vulnerable child/children attend school/nursery?
If it is possible for vulnerable children, for example those with additional support needs, to be cared for safely and have their learning supported sufficiently well at home, that approach should be followed.

Should my child who is on the shielding list attend school/nursery?
New guidance has been issued for the duration of the lockdown period that makes it clear that children and young people at the highest clinical risk (individuals on the shielding list) should not attend school or nursery in person.

We recognise these changes to national guidance will affect some families. If you have already made arrangements for your child to attend school/nursery this week, the provision will still be available on these two days (7, 8 Jan).

If you have further questions, please contact individual schools and nurseries when they reopen on Thursday (7 Jan).


Last updated: Tuesday, July 27, 2021 6:49 PM