Elizabeth Coyle
41 Carrick Court

T: 01786 463428
M: 07715 181728
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Service has been running from 1996. I run a warm caring service where every child will have a place where their own personal requirements will be met. I go out with the children on a daily basis.

Further information is available from the Scottish Family Information Service.

Nicola Craig
22 Easter Livilands
FK7 0BQ 

T: 01786 475308
M: 07793 005937
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I operate a home from home service, visiting toddlers, soft play, parks, and walks. I am lucky to be surrounded by beautiful woods and use this area in daily adventures. I am part of a hen group and help look after the chickens one day a week. I like to be out and about every day varying activities depending on the children. 

Further information is available from the Scottish Family Information Service

Ailie Millen
52 Kirkside Crescent
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I run my childcare business the old fashioned way with three core elements. I teach and expect good manners, I encourage independence and we have lots of outdoor fun and adventures in Plean Country Park, whatever the weather! I like to think that when children are with me they can relax and feel as comfortable as they do in their own homes. I set firm, clear and consistent boundaries helping children to understand my expectations of their behaviour, giving them the confidence to make the most of the fun and creative learning experiences on offer, both indoors and outdoors. 

Further information is available on the Scottish Family Information Service.