Free childcare places for 2 year olds

We are now offering free childcare places to all 2 year olds whose parents are in receipt of Universal Credit. We are also offering free places to all 2 year olds who are looked after or in kinship care.

Download or view the leaflet with information on nurseries taking part.

What am I entitled to?

In Scotland, all children aged 3 or 4 years old and some 2 year olds are entitled to a funded nursery place in either a Council nursery, or in a nursery or playgroup which has a partnership contract with us. Funded places are for 600 hours per year, which is equal to just under 16 hours per week over a 38 week school year. By August 2020, all children aged 3 or 4 years old and some 2 year olds will be entitled to 1140 hours per year.

Please note, it is not always possible to guarantee that this place will be in your first choice of nursery.

Can I get help with the cost of childcare?

Your employer may be able to help you with approved childcare costs using childcare vouchers or schemes. Further information is available on's childcare page.


Childminders in Stirling are able to offer free childcare places to 3 and 4 year olds, as well as eligible 2 year olds as part of a new partnership

We work in partnership with the Scottish Childminding Association (SCMA) team to deliver flexible options for free childcare. 

When does my child become entitled?

Children become eligible for places in the term AFTER their third birthday.

Places for children under 3

There is no entitlement to nursery places for children under 3, other than for those 2 year olds who meet the criteria set out in the Children and Young People Scotland Act.

We provide a number of nursery places for children under 3 but these are popular therefore an Admissions Policy is applied to ensure fairness.

Most private nurseries and some voluntary sector groups also provide places for children under 3. There are currently no funded places available for children under 3 years old in partner nurseries or playgroups. 

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