Family History

Genealogy is one of the most popular indoor hobbies worldwide and Stirling Registration Service based at Customer First and Stirling Libraries will be happy to help you trace your family tree.

We're all intrigued to find out more about our families and once you begin researching your family tree it becomes more and more interesting.

The law has required all Births, Deaths and Marriages in Scotland to be recorded by Registrars since 1855.  Local Registrars now have computer access to all these records for the whole of Scotland so that they have information at their fingertips to help the registration process, and to make information available to family history researchers.


We also have access to Scotland's Census Records for 1841, 1851, 1861, 1871, 1891 and 1901.

In addition to these records, we now have access to the Old Parish registers for Scotland, which date back from 1854 to 1553 and have the expertise to use all this information to help you trace your family tree.

To help you with your Ancestry Research, the Registrar can offer you the following:-

  • A Particular search - this is a search for a particular entry of birth, death or marriage checking over a 5 year period.  This costs £5.00 per 5 year period searched.
  • An Assisted General search - a registrar assisted search of the records relating to your family tree costing £26.20 an hour (recommended)
  • A General search on your behalf - e.g. overseas enquirer, registrar conducting a search on their behalf costs £33.50 an hour
  • An Enhanced search and report - includes a two and a half hour assisted search, separate initial database set-up, and finishing up, together with the production of a report which will detail information found, family tree charts, trends etc, which costs £147.00 (This service is available at the Stirling office only at the moment)
  • Certified extracts of entries for the current certificate fee of £10.00 (where a search fee has been paid)
  • Prints of historical entries for £0.60 each (Births over 100 years old, Deaths over 50 years old and Marriages over 75 years old)
  • Prints of Census records for £0.60 each
  • Prints of Old Parish records for £0.60 each
  • Expert advice on how you can take your own research further

Family Tree

If you are starting out on your family tree, we recommend that you gather as much information as possible, together with any birth, death, marriage certificates etc and make an appointment with us.  We would recommend that you book an Assisted General search with us, as this allows you to have the registrar conduct the search with you and their experience in searching will allow you to obtain as much information as possible within your search time.

Enhanced Search

If you would like to book for our Enhanced search and report, we will meet with you beforehand to obtain as much information as possible from you to set up a database for your family tree.  We find that this provides a good starting point for the search and makes the most of the two and a half hours that the customer spends with the registrar.  We will also spend time after that on the report to enable as much information as possible to be included. Additional copies of the report can also be obtained for a fee.  The enhanced search and report can also be done without the customer being present.

You can ask for searches or advice by email or phone.  You can take notes of any details from the registered entries relating to your family tree, or you can buy prints (depending on how old the entries are) or extracts of the actual entries.

The Registrar will be delighted to help you research your family tree.

Other council services which can be useful when researching your family tree are Archives and Libraries

Last updated: Thursday, July 2, 2020 1:14 PM