A child born in Scotland must be registered in Scotland within 21 days.

The hospital or midwife will issue a letter to the Mother after the birth, this letter will contain details of:

  • the baby’s date of birth
  • time of birth
  • instructions on how to register the birth.

It is important that you take this letter with you to the Registrar when you register the birth.   

Where to register

A child born in Scotland can be registered in any registration district in Scotland.

Details of the registration offices within the Stirling Council

If in any doubt as to where a birth may be registered, please do not hesitate to contact any of these offices, who can provide you with the address and telephone number of any registration office in Scotland.


What information is required

When the birth is being registered, certain information regarding the parent/s will be required.

This will include:

  • full name/s
  • date/s of birth
  • If the parents are married to each other
  • the date and place of marriage

In addition to the letter from the hospital, it would be helpful if any applicable birth or marriage certificates are produced to the Registrar at the time of registration, if these documents are available. 

Who can register a birth

If the parents of the child are married to each other, the Mother or Father can register the birth.  If the parents are not married to each other, the primary person to register the birth is the Mother of the child.  In either case, only if there are strong reasons for their inability to attend can the registration be performed by someone other than the parents of the child.

Where the parents are not married to each other and the Father is acknowledging paternity, he should attend the registration office, together with the Mother to register the birth.

In the fathers absence:

If the father acknowledges paternity but is unable to attend the registration office along with the mother to register the birth, the father’s details can still be recorded when he completes and signs a statutory declaration. This can be done in the presence of a local councillor who will countersign the declaration.  The mother will then produce this to the Registrar, who in turn will ask the mother to complete a declaration acknowledging the father, enabling the registration to proceed.

In the mothers absence:

If the mother is unable to attend the registration office to register the birth and the parents are not married to each other, then the father should produce a statutory declaration which has been signed by the mother, in the presence of a local councillor who will countersign the document, the registration can proceed when the father has also signed a declaration in the presence of the registrar.

Please do not hesitate to contact the Registrar if you need  to obtain statutory declaration forms or if you need any advice at all regarding this process.

Birth certificate

Registration is free and one Abbreviated birth certificate, which shows name, date and place of birth will be issued automatically free of charge at the time of registration.  

Full birth certificate

A full extract of birth, which shows name, date, place of birth and parentage may be obtained on payment of the statutory fee, which is currently £10.00.  

A letter will also be issued for production to the medical practitioner you wish to register the child with under the National Health Service.

If you wish, additional certificates can be obtained at the time of registration or at a later date for the same fee.  If a certificate is required at a later date(not within the first year) the same fee applies if you can produce an original abbreviated or full certificate, otherwise, an additional search fee of £5.00 is also payable.

Registration Offices in the Stirling Council Area

Please contact the appropriate office in advance to make an appointment.


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