Locating previously purchased lairs

If the lair proposed for use was previously purchased, Stirling Council will need a copy of the title deeds in advance of the lair being prepared for burial.  If the title deeds have been lost or the original lair holder has passed away, it is important that you contact the Cemeteries Office in order to ensure that our records are up-to-date.

We shall also be able to inform you as to the future burial capacity of the lair.

Tracing historic lairs can be difficult, so it is helpful if you can provide us with as much information as possible about the original lair holder.  Details including name, address and the date the lair was purchased, as well as the names and dates of any other people buried within the lair are all very helpful.

Questions & Answers

Can the title deed for a lair be transferred?

Once the lair reference has been located, we would recommend that a new copy of the Title Deeds (Lair Certificate) should be obtained.  At this time it may also be necessary to transfer the ownership of the lair into the name of another family member.  This process is straightforward and the necessary application forms are available from the Cemeteries Office.

A small administration fee is payable.

Can I pass ownership of my lair to another person?

Yes. Lairs can be transferred to someone else, but must be done so via the Council's procedures and in a manner that is legally binding. Lairs cannot be transferred by any other means.

Can I sell an unused lair back to the council?

Yes. The Council may buy back unused lairs at the original purchase price if you have the title deeds.  Please note that it is an offence to sell a lair to anyone other than the Council.

Is there a difference between a lair and a grave?

No, a lair is just another name for a grave.

What happens if I or my family have not used a lair that we have bought?

After 100 years, if the lair has not been used or transferred to any other family member, the Council can terminate the Exclusive Right of Burial after appropriate checks and measures have been carried out.

What information do you need from me to let me know if there is still room in my family plot for further burials?

We need to know lair section and number, lair holder's home, or dates of previous interments in the lair to establish if there is room in the grave for further burials.

What is the maximum number of interments permitted in a grave?

Depending on ground conditions, up to four interments can be accommodated in a lair.  Up to six sets of cremated remains may also be interred in a lair.

When I buy a lair, do I own the land that the grave is on?

No, you do not own the land when you buy a lair.  What you have bought is 'Right of Burial' within the lair' in other words, you have bought the right to be buried there.

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