Arranging a burial

When arranging a full coffin burial, it is most likely that you will appoint a funeral director to carry out your wishes. Burial can take place within a new grave or in an existing family plot, provided that there is sufficient depth within the grave.

Even when a grave has no further depth for full coffin burial, up to four cremated remains caskets can also be buried. Cremated remains must not be scattered on a grave. You can arrange an interment of ashes within our cemeteries either directly, via Stirling Council Cemetery Service, or by appointing a Funeral Director. 

Funeral Directors or Undertakers

It is possible to make arrangements for a funeral yourself, but most people choose to go to a Funeral Director who can take over all of the arrangements.  Funeral Directors are normally extremely helpful and supportive to the family.

You will find details of Local Funeral Directors or Undertakers in your Local Telephone Directory, Thomson Local or Yellow Pages.

During the Funeral or Burial

Upon entering the cemetery the cortege is the responsibility of Stirling Council. The Council will be represented on the day by our Cemeteries Operatives. They will be clearly identifiable, and dressed in blue suits with name-badges. They will meet the cortege at the cemetery gates and ensure safe and unimpeded access to the graveside where they will assist during the committal.

Upon completion of the burial service our operatives will backfill the grave ensuring that the area is neatly turfed over and making sure that any tributes are arranged appropriately upon the grave.

After the Burial

Following the burial it is common for the ground to settle within the first fortnight. This process is caused by soil conditions and it is perfectly natural. We understand that it can be visually upsetting and can cause distress to family members visiting the grave. For this reason we do try to be as vigilant as possible in inspecting all recent lairs for settlement and repairing these immediately. If a settled lair is reported to the Cemeteries Service, we guarantee that it will be repaired within 24 hours.

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