Right of burial

The exclusive right of burial, subject to the Conditions of Use,  be secured to the purchaser and his or her successors in perpetuity or for a period of not less than 100 years.  The purchaser shall be provided with a Lair Certificate describing the lair.

Only one person can be recorded as having the Exclusive Right of Burial in a lair and cannot sell or transfer the right without written approval of the Burial Authority.


It is imperative that any change to lair burial rights, whether by death or relinquishment, be duly recorded.  This can be achieved by submitting a transfer application.  The records are then updated to reflect the change.  This ensures that contact information is accurate and communication processes less difficult in the event that any notification is required.  

Monuments and headstones

Monuments and headstones can only be erected with the authority of the lair holder.  The maximum dimensions permitted are restricted.  Work to erect a monument can only be undertaken by a registered Monumental Mason and must comply with Stirling Council's Registration Scheme for Monumental Masons.

Last updated: Tuesday, January 26, 2021 2:57 PM