When you purchase a lair you will be issued with an exclusive right of burial (Title Deed or Lair Certificate).  Ownership of an exclusive right of burial does not imply ownership of the land itself, ownership of the cemetery land remains with Stirling Council.  The exclusive right of burial gives the lair holder the right for him or herself to be buried within the allocated lair.  Others may be buried in the lair only at the request of the lair holder, and with written permission from the Council. 

Any person purchasing the Exclusive Right of Burial must accept Stirling Council's Conditions of Use for Cemeteries.  After 100 years, if the lair has not been used or transferred to any other family member, the Council can terminate the Exclusive Right of Burial after appropriate checks and measures have been carried out.

Application to Purchase Exclusive Right of Burial

Purchasing the Exclusive Right of Burial in advance can only be accommodated in Cemeteries where there is sufficient land resource available.  Current Cemeteries with restrictions:

  • Bannockburn
  • Strathblane
  • Blairdrummond
  • Callander
  • Logie

All other cemeteries where an advance purchase is feasible lairs will be allocated in rotation at the discretion of Stirling Council Cemeteries Service.  Lair capacity is not guaranteed as each cemetery has different ground conditions. 

A standard full coffin lair will measure 3m in length by 1m width and, where ground conditions allow, be sold for up to four full coffin burials and in addition up to four caskets of cremated remains.  

A standard cremated remains lair will measure 1m in length by 1m in width and will be sold for up to six interments of cremated remains.  

Individual lairs for the burial of stillborn babies and non-viable foetuses are available free of charge at both St Thomas Cemetery and Bannockburn Cemetery.  

Applications to Purchase a Lair should be submitted to the Cemeteries Service with the appropriate payment.  Title Deeds/Lair Certificate will be issued to the applicant within an approximate timescale of 2 weeks from receipt of application.  

Application for Duplicate of Exclusive Right of Burial

If your Title Deed/Lair Certificate has been lost or damaged you can apply for a duplicate by applying to the Cemeteries Service with the appropriate payment.

Application for transfer of Exclusive Right of Burial

Title Deeds/Lair Certificates can be transferred if the original lair holder has passed away.  Prior to submission applicants should consult with all other beneficiaries with an equal or better claim to the exclusive right of burial to seek consent to the transfer.  Applications should be submitted with the appropriate payment to the Cemeteries Service.

Only one person can be recorded as having the exclusive right of burial in a lair and cannot sell or transfer the right without written approval from the Council.  It is an offence to sell a lair to anyone other than the Council.

The Council may buy back unused lairs at the original purchase price (deducting the cost of the original Title Deed/Lair Certificate issue).  To transfer the lair back to the Council you should write to the Cemeteries Service and enclose your original Title Deed/Lair Certificate.  

Last updated: Wednesday, March 31, 2021 2:08 PM