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Premises Licence

Personal Licences

Where an application for renewal of a personal licence  is made to the Board, and the Board has not determined the application before the date of expiry of the licence, the licence will continue for a period of six months from the date of expiry of the licence.

Applications for renewal can be lodged from 12 months before the expiry date of the licence to one day before the licence expires.

If you are unable to take a refresher training course for a reason related to the Coronavirus crisis, please contact the licensing office on or 01786 233612. Licence holders are encouraged to explore options for undertaking the training online where face-to-face courses are not safe or practicable.

Premises Licences

A premises licence is required to sell alcohol on the premises. This is for both on-sales and off-sales. Premises are no longer categorised into pubs, hotels, and restaurant licences. Instead, all premises have the same sort of licence, known as a premises licence.

Download and View - Premises Licence Application Form

Different premises will attract a different fee, and these can be viewed here.

You must be 18 years old or older to make a premises licence application. The application must include a description of the premises, an operating plan, and a layout plan.

The Licensing Board strongly encourages all applicants to submit, along with their application, a written statement tailored to their premises setting out how they intend to conform to and promote the licensing objectives, paying particular attention to the locality in which the premises are situated and the activities to be carried out.

  • Each premise must have a Designated Premises Manager who must hold a personal licence
  • An individual may not, at any one time, be the premises manager of more than one licensed premises
  • If the Designated Premises Manager leaves the premises, the premises licence holder has 7 days in which to notify the Licensing Board and 6 weeks to nominate a new premises manager
  • Failure to nominate will result in the premises no longer being able to sell alcohol

Variation to a Premises Licence

You must apply to the Board to vary your premises licence if you want to make any changes. Under the Licensing (Scotland) Act 2005, there can be either major or minor variations to a licence.

Major Variation
A major variation includes varying:
  • Any of the conditions of the licence;
  • Any information contained in the operating plan;
  • The layout plan; or
  • Any other information contained or referred to in the licence.

The cost of a major variation is £200, and an application form can be viewed here.

Minor Variation
A minor variation means:
  • Any variation of the layout plan that does not make it inconsistent with the operating plan;
  • Restricting children and young persons access to the premises; or
  • A change to the Designated Premises Manager

The cost of a minor variation is £20. The cost of varying the Designated Premises Manager is £31.

Premises wishing to submit a minor variation to their licence must inform the Licensing Board in writing of their intention to do so.


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