There are two types of permits that a club can apply for:
  1. Club Gaming Permit
  2. Club Machine Permit

Download or View - Club Gaming Permit / Club Machine Permit Application

Club Gaming Permit

The Licensing Board may grant a club gaming permit to members' clubs, but not to commercial clubs.
A club gaming permit authorises the provision of:
  • Up to 3 gaming machines of Category B, C, or D (in any combination);
  • Equal chance gaming; and
  • Prescribed games of chance.
The Licensing Board cannot add conditions to the permit, but the following will automatically apply:
  • Only members or guests of members may participate in the gaming;
  • Nobody under the age of 18 has access to a Category B or C gaming machine; and
  • The club complies with any codes of practice issued by the Gambling Commission about the location and operation of its gaming machines.

A club gaming permit will allow clubs to offer gaming facilities as detailed above in addition to those they are allowed to offer under their exempt gaming allowance (Section 269 and 270 of the Gambling Act 2005).

Club Machine Permit

The Licensing Board may grant a club machine permit to a members' club or commercial club.

A club machine permit authorises the provision of up to 3 gaming machines which must be of Category B, C or D (in any combination).


An application for a club gaming permit or club machine permit must:

  • Be made on the appropriate application form; and
  • Specify the premises in relation to which the permit is sought.

When the application is made by an existing operator the application must also be accompanied by a copy of the applicant's registration certificate.

The fee for existing operators is £100, and for new operators £200.

Within 7 days of making the application, the applicant must send a copy of the application and any accompanying documents to:

  • The Gambling Commission; and
  • Police Scotland

The Gambling Commission and/or Police Scotland may lodge an objection to the application within the period of 28 days from the date on which the application was made to the Licensing Board.

The objection is made by sending 2 copies of a written statement setting out the reasons for the objection.

A permit lasts 10 years and is due for renewal not earlier than 3 months and not later than 6 weeks before the expiry date. The application fee for renewal is £200.

A permit will lapse if the holder of a permit ceases to be a members' or commercial club, or will cease to have effect if the permit holder surrenders the permit.

The permit holder is required to pay a first annual fee of £50 within 30 days of the issue of the permit, and an annual fee of £50 before each anniversary of the issue of the permit.

After granting or refusing an application, the Licensing Board must as soon as reasonably practicable give notice of the decision and, where an objection was made, the reasons for the decision to:

  • The applicant
  • The Gambling Commission
  • Police Scotland.

The Licensing Board may not attach conditions to a permit. A permit can be varied to meet changing circumstances. The application fee is £100 and the application must be accompanied by the permit or a statement explaining why it is not practicable to produce the permit.

Please note: a duplicate permit can be provided for £15.





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