Private hire vehicles cannot ply for hire in the street. Private hire vehicles in Stirling cannot be white or silver in colour and are not allowed to have roof signs

Download or View - Private Hire Vehicle Licence

When lodging your application, please include the following:

  • Details of your car's insurance
  • An MOT certificate if the car is over 1 year old
  • A V5 certificate

The fee for a private hire vehicle licence is £140 for one year.

Council plates are purple in colour, are found on the rear and front bumper of the car, they have the vehicle licence number, vehicle registration number, vehicle make and colour and expiry date. 

Vehicles with a private hire licence can only accept bookings that are made by prior arrangement for a journey or hire.

Vehicles when first being licensed by Stirling Council can be no more than five years old from the date of first registration.  There is no upper age limit for vehicles after they are licensed. 

All vehicles licensed by us will have been tested by one of the approved testing stations. The frequency of vehicle testing is calculated by the age of the vehicle.

Private Hire vehicle specification can be viewed here.

Last updated: Monday, April 6, 2020 9:27 AM