The re-opening of the main PEAK swimming pool will be delayed until June due to ongoing works in the teaching pool, Active Stirling and Stirling Council have today (Mar 19) announced.

The main pool was temporarily closed last year (November 2018) following the discovery of a problem with the base screed layer.

Investigations into the teaching pool presented a greater technical challenge due to its movable floor and a specialist diving company was brought in to make an assessment.

Further tests showed there was a similar problem with the screed along with tiling, and remedial works are now underway.

Although the work in the main pool should be completed in April, it will not be possible to re-open it to customers as the conditions of an operational swimming pool (heat, moisture etc) would affect the repairs in the teaching pool.

The Council has also made the decision to invest in a new movable floor for the teaching pool, with an installation date of July. This would have been due for renewal in two years and bringing it forward will avoid an extended closure in the future.

Active Stirling has confirmed that the temporary swim options currently in place at other facilities across Stirling and Falkirk will continue while The PEAK pools remain closed. This applies to all public swimming and learn to swim. 

For the latest timetable on these swim options visit Active Stirling will contact all learn to swim customers this week to advise them that the temporary arrangements for all swim lessons will now be extended to run until 28 June, 2019. 

David Roxby, Chair at Active Stirling said “It is extremely disappointing yet fully understandable that the sequence of events surrounding the investigations into the teaching pool have now impacted on the re-opening of the main pool at The PEAK and that, despite us being on track with the works for the main pool, the stages of work to be undertaken for the teaching pool means we are unable to open the pools until they are ready and safe to do so.

“We would like to apologise to all our customers and communities once more for the ongoing disruption that the pool closure has caused.”

Cllr Chris Kane, Convener of the Community Planning and Regeneration Committee, which oversees Sport and Physical Activity, as well as the partnership with Active Stirling, said: “We recognise this news will be disappointing and frustrating for PEAK users who would have been looking forward to using both pools again.

“The works are being completed to highest standard and will ensure this important facility is fit for purpose in the long term, while the decision to invest in a new movable floor will avoid another significant period of closure in the near future.

“I can assure all PEAK customers that Stirling Council and Active Stirling staff are doing all in their power to get both pools re-opened as soon as possible and we will continue to provide key updates as the work progresses towards completion.”

Notes: Although it is estimated that the teaching pool will re-open with its new movable floor in July, the main pool can operate prior to this date once all remedial work in the training pool is completed.

At the moment, for commercial reasons, Stirling Council is unable to reveal the figures for carrying out the works at the PEAK. However, we are keenly aware of our responsibility to minimise costs to taxpayers and recognise the loss of the facility to the public during the temporary closure.

The alternative arrangements for PEAK customers can be found at

Active Stirling and Stirling Council will continue to provide important updates on the works to the public via their website and social media channels.

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