A new £60,000 facility that will make sport in Stirling more inclusive for disabled people has opened at The PEAK sports village.
Councillors at Grand Opening Care Facilities

Funded by Stirling Council, the Changing Places Toilet meets all the needs of people with a disability, containing specialist changing, lifting, showering and toilet facilities.

Located near the front foyer at The PEAK, it is open to users of the sports complex and members of the public.

This is the first Stirling Council-owned building to be equipped with a Changing Places Toilet and is part of the local authority’s continued commitment to improve disabled facilities in the area.

More accessible to everyone

Convener of the Community Planning and Regeneration Committee, Cllr Chris Kane said: “I am thrilled to see the completion of this specialised Changing Place which will help ensure Stirling is more accessible to everyone.

“We are committed to equality of opportunity in our communities, and these important facilities help more of our citizens participate in everyday activities. I hope we’ll see many more Changing Places in the future.”

The Council worked closely with the Stirling Area Access Panel in the design and site of the resource, and consulted with PAMIS – the UK charity who lead on the Changing Places initiative.

Users will benefit

The Chair of the Stirling Area Access Panel, Robert Dick said: “We were delighted to work closely with the architects from the Council to make this specialised toilet that not only meets the specification of the British Standard, but exceed it.

“We hope that users will benefit from the practical detail of the layout, and future designers of these rooms can view this example as a model for more and better Changing Places Toilets in the Stirling area.”

Changing Place facilities are essential for over 240,000 disabled people in the UK and their families and carers.

An important milestone

Vice Convener of the Community Planning and Regeneration Committee, Cllr Maureen Bennison said: “It was crucial we worked with the Access Panel and other key organisations to ensure this facility would meet the complex needs of users and be accessible to local residents and visitors to Stirling.

“Having the first Changing Places Toilet in a Council building is an important milestone and we will continue working to improve facilities across the area so all disabled people in Stirling can live life to the full.”

A fantastic addition

Jenny Miller, CEO of PAMIS said: “The new Changing Places toilet at The PEAK is a fantastic addition to a vibrant community resource which is striving to provide inclusive activities. We are delighted that this investment has been made.”

Andrew Bain, Chief Executive of Active Stirling said: “We are really pleased with the addition of the new Changing Places Toilet, and the new space and equipment that has been installed in The PEAK, making our facilities more inclusive and accessible. We hope Changing Places helps our customers and visitors get out and about more, knowing we have this facility available locally so they can continue to enjoy day to day activities across Stirling.”

For more information on Changing Places Toilets and to view a map of their locations in Scotland, visit: http://pamis.org.uk/campaigns/changing-places-toilets/ or http://www.changing-places.org/

Photo details and background info:

Picture shows Cllrs Kane and Bennison cutting the ribbon on the new Changing Places Toilet, with representatives of the Stirling Area Access Panel, PAMIS and Active Stirling.