In response to feedback regarding temporary traffic management measures placed in Bridge of Allan today (Mon, 29 June) a Stirling Council spokesperson said:
Stirling Council Update

“These measures were introduced in Bridge of Allan to increase safe pedestrian spaces ahead of shops re-opening.

“By limiting parking we provided increased footway and pedestrian access on a narrow stretch of pavement, and gave businesses more space to operate safe queueing systems under social distancing rules.

“Whilst these measures were implemented with the intention of supporting our businesses, shoppers and pedestrians with the anticipation for higher footfall as a result of stores re-opening or warm weather, the Council has listened to feedback and has reviewed the current interventions in place.

“The temporary parking restrictions in Henderson St will be removed on Tuesday, 30th June in response to this feedback, and the Council will meet with business owners to ensure an agreement is reached over the delivery of suitable arrangements.”