A package of transformational changes to waste collection services across the Stirling Council area were approved at a meeting of Stirling Council today (30 June).
Waste Services General Update

With the ongoing Climate Emergency firmly at the top of the Council’s agenda, Councillors gave their backing to a suite of plans that will encourage a shift in culture to increase recycling, and bring a reduction in residential waste going to landfill.

Included in the measures which will have a phased introduction in the next two years are:

  • A new four-weekly collection model for the grey (general waste) and blue (plastics, cans and cartons) bins, coming into effect by July 2021
  • Roll out of new ‘comb lift’ bins to replace existing ‘diamond lift’ stock, starting February 2021
  • Introduction of an opt-in garden waste collection permit (£35 per-year, per bin) by April 2021
  • Combination of glass collection into blue bins alongside plastic, cans and cartons when the National Deposit Return Scheme arrives in July 2022.

Members approved the changes by 12 votes to 10, which aim to deliver a ‘Best in Class’ Waste Collection Service for the communities and residents of Stirling Council.

You can read the full report discussed at Council on the agenda papers, item 11 (downloadable PDF).

Crucial to the roll out of the changes will be communication and engagement that will take place with residents across the Stirling Council area in the coming months.

Residents will have the opportunity to raise any exceptional circumstances, such as households with large families or those with medical conditions.

In addition to the above, Councillors also agreed that continued work will be undertaken with the purpose of educating the general public through awareness campaigns, as well as ensuring a robust approach to enforcement and compliance with current and future service provision, including deployment of mobile CCTV if necessary to tackle fly tipping.

Convener of Environment and Housing, Cllr Jim Thomson, said: “The changes coming into play next year will be a considerable shift for our residents, and we accept that, but they are being made with the aim of changing the culture of waste disposal across the area.

“No culture change comes easily, so we pledge to take our residents with us, explain why we’re putting these changes in place and help people understand the benefits in the long term.”

Vice convener, Cllr Danny Gibson, said: “If we are serious about protecting the environment then these are the types of tough but necessary decisions we have to take.

“It’s also no secret that there have been issues with the diamond bins being swallowed by lorries, delays in replacements, and a consistent budgetary over-spend in the service in recent years.

“However, everything we have approved today is specifically tailored to address all these points, by improving route completion, bringing improvements to the environment and mitigating the significant overspend pressures currently being experienced by Waste Services.

“Ultimately these changes will help us all put less waste in the ground and run a smoother, more efficient and cost-effective waste collection service, which is better for everyone in the Council area.”