A support line to help Stirling’s most vulnerable people has been launched by Stirling Council.
Coronavirus Community Support Line 01786 404040

Residents in need of care, essential supplies or support can contact 01786 404040 and have their requirements formally recorded by Stirling Council’s community response teams.

Information will then be filtered and triaged before being passed to officers deployed in each Council ward, ensuring help and assistance is provided to those who need it most during the Coronavirus crisis.

The support line will be staffed seven days a week between 8am and 8pm.

Pass the number to those who need it

Stirling Council Leader, Cllr Scott Farmer said: “There are people across our communities who are perhaps elderly, vulnerable or isolated through disability or location. This helpline is for them.

“The people we are trying to reach might not have access to news on digital sources, or be comfortable using a mobile phone, so we are asking our communities to do their part in sharing this message.

“If you are reading this, pass the information on to anyone you know who needs it and tell them to call 01786 404040. Help us make a difference for our most vulnerable residents.”

Shielding from Covid-19

The launch of the Stirling Council Community Support Line is part of the national approach to ‘shielding’.

The term is used to describe the efforts that should be taken by people, including children, who are at high risk of severe illness from Coronavirus (COVID-19) because of an underlying health condition.

Those affected will also be contacted through a separate letter from the NHS.

Depute Leader of Stirling Council, Cllr Danny Gibson said: “This is a massive operation which is shifting into gear to identify and support those in our communities who need help most.

“We need people right across the Stirling Council area to spread the message that help is out there and we are doing everything we can to look after our most vulnerable.”

People can also contact communitysupport@stirling.gov.uk to request support from this service.