Stirling Council has revealed plans to publish digital recordings of upcoming Council committee meetings in June.
Stirling Council Coronavirus Update

The local authority has scheduled a diet of remote meetings for the month of June, including two Full Council meetings on the 4th and 30th.

Plans to make those meetings accessible to the public have now been published.

A report from the Council’s Chief Governance Officer will go before all 23 elected members at next Thursday’s Full Council meeting, recommending all Council, Committee and Panel meetings scheduled to take place in June 2020 be recorded and the videos published on the Council’s website.

If approved, recordings of each meeting will be accessible to the public after the meeting takes place. The meetings will not be streamed live.

Stirling Council Leader, Cllr Scott Farmer said: “This is very much a new world we are living in but it is important the wheels of local democracy continue to spin in a transparent fashion.

“We are not able to physically meet as a Council, and we are currently unable to bring external audiences into our Microsoft Teams platform.

“However, if agreed, these proposals will allow us to publish full recordings of the meetings in June, giving residents and members of the press the opportunity to still engage in local democracy.”

Thursday’s meeting will be the first full meeting of Stirling Council since March 12.

Councillors will debate the proposals to record committees as the first item of business before discussing the rest of the agenda, which includes comprehensive reports on Stirling’s response to Coronavirus and the potential financial impact the disease will have on the local authority.

The full agenda can be downloaded as a PDF here.

If the Governance recommendations are approved, notification of the published recording will be made through the Council’s official Twitter and Facebook accounts.

Depute Leader, Cllr Danny Gibson, said: “If this report is approved, we hope to use the digital tools at our disposal to make local democracy as transparent as possible while still in lockdown."