A new survey has been launched as part of the ongoing work to develop Stirling Council’s new website.
The Stirling Council and Storm ID logos

The local authority is working with Scotland’s leading digital transformation consultancy, Storm ID, to help developers understand how people want to find information on the Council website, which had around 2.5million visits in 2020. 

To help ensure the new website meets the needs of users, the public are now being asked to participate in a questionnaire.

The objectives of this include:

  • Understanding what people use the website for
  • Understanding how the website currently works for users
  • What ways people prefer to contact the Council
  • Identifying people to take part in further research on the website.

Trusted platformConvener of the Council’s Finance and Economy Committee, Cllr Margaret Brisley said: “The Council website is the digital face of the local authority and a vital tool for communicating and engaging with residents.

“Asking users for their experiences of accessing the website will help us deliver a high quality, accessible and trusted platform for the people of Stirling.

“The survey should only take a few minutes and you will have the option at the end if you want to take part in further research on the new website design. If you are interested in helping us produce a better website, please get involved.”

In recent months website users have been invited to take part in a ‘tree tests’, which asked a range of questions based on navigating some of the website’s most popular functionality, such as paying Council Tax or reporting an issue.

Digital Transformation

Vice Convener, Cllr Alison Laurie said: “I would like to thank everyone who took part in our ‘tree test’ surveys – your feedback will shape how the new site will look and work.

“We are now at the next stage in the development process and this is an opportunity for the public to tell us why and how they use the current website.

“The new website will be key to how the Council interacts and engages with residents, and I would encourage as many people to take part in this questionnaire and help us take this next step in our digital transformation.”

To take part in the survey, please follow this link: http://bit.ly/StirlingWebsiteResearch