A Statement from Stirling Provost, Christine Simpson on Holocaust Memorial Day 2022
Stirling Provost Christine Simpson

“The theme of this year’s Holocaust Memorial Day is One Day. This is left open to interpretation to mean a number of things as we honour the lives of those who were murdered through Nazi persecution and the subsequent lives lost to genocide across the world in following years.

“Consider what happened on One Day in history; the beginning of the Warsaw Uprising on 19 April 1943 where Jewish inhabitants of the ghetto set up by Nazi troops fought back against their oppressors.

“Consider the day where British forces liberated the Bergen-Belsen concentration camp, witnessing the horror of some 60,000 mortally ill people being kept captive in the most inhumane conditions with thousands more left dead and unburied. This was 15 April 1945.

“Consider where we are today, 27 January 2022, and how far we’ve come in moving past this shameful chapter in human history; but also how far we have still to go as the pain of genocide is still felt in Bosnia, Cambodia, Darfur and Rwanda.

“By looking at the enormity of suffering caused by the Holocaust and focusing in on one day, yes, we see the worst of humanity, but we also see acts of resistance, bravery and enduring hope amid the bleakest of conditions. As long as these remain part of our condition we will always be able to fight back against prejudice, hatred and the violence that stems from it.

“I’d like to ask Stirling residents this year to consider another day as part of this Holocaust Memorial Day. The one day in the future where the lessons of the Holocaust have been learned and that genocide is no longer a threat to humanity. We can all do our bit to reach this day in our own communities by challenging identity based bigotry whenever we encounter it, and I have hope that we will reach this day, one day at a time.”

Visit https://www.hmd.org.uk/ for more information.