Residents can apply for the 2022/23 annual Garden Waste Recycling Permit from 10am on Tuesday, 15th March.
Residents can apply for the 2022/23 annual Garden Waste Recycling Permit from 10am on Tuesday, 15th March.

The new permits will come into effect on 18 April, with Councillors confirming at this year’s budget-setting meeting that the annual permit price will remain fixed at £35

More than 19,500 permits were purchased last year and a reminder letter will be sent to residents with details of how to register and pay for the permit when applications open on Tuesday.

Concession scheme

Some households, including those in receipt of a council tax reduction, will receive the permit for free as part of a concession scheme. The Council will send out permits to anyone eligible for a free Garden Waste Permit ahead of the new service starting.

The permit allows residents to have garden waste collected in the same bin as their food waste, every two weeks. Those who do not purchase a permit will still have food waste collected in the brown bin, for free, every two weeks.

Permits purchased before 03 April will be delivered before the service starts. Any orders after 03 April are not guaranteed to arrive before 18 April. Please allow 21 days for permits to arrive when ordered after 03 April.

Price of permit remains fixed 

Convener of Stirling Council’s Environment and Housing Committee, Councillor Jim Thomson, said: “I’m pleased to announce that we have managed to keep the price for the Garden Waste Recycling Permit fixed at £35.

“Last year saw an excellent uptake in residents who signed up to the service and, as we approach Spring, no doubt people’s attentions will be turning to getting back out into their gardens in the lighter and warmer weather.”

Vice Convener, Councillor Danny Gibson, said: “The cost of a permit remains the same regardless of when it is bought, so it makes sense for households to buy one as early as possible to ensure they get the maximum benefit of it throughout the collection season.

“We also understand that some people will find it challenging to pay for the permit and that’s why we have maintained our concession scheme to allow them to receive the permit for free."