Place Based Investment Programme

Place Based Investment Programme

Allocation of £445,000 in 2023/24

Stirling Council will allocate more than £445,000 in 2023/24 via the Place Based Investment Programme (PBIP), which is funded by the Scottish Government.  There is no limit the amount you can apply for however all projects will be reviewed and scored against the Place Based Improvement Fund Criteria. 

Groups and organisations across Stirling are being offered the chance to lead and develop projects that will improve their local community and place.

The PBIP is open to applications for projects that support local area regeneration, community development and economic growth.

Stirling Council will work with local communities, along with business and the third and public sectors, to support shared local plans and aspirations.

The Council wishes to invite notes of interest from applicants where they can demonstrate alignment with the scheme criteria and, in particular, the ‘Priorities for Investment’ section outlined here.

Priorities for Investment

Priority will be given to projects which can demonstrate alignment with the following 5 statements

Note that statements 1 and 2 must be true of your project in order to be considered for funding through this scheme:

  1. the funding requested is for capital expenditure*

  2. for 2023/24 projects - the project can be legally committed (contracts signed or orders committed by 31 March 2024)

  3. the funding is for the purchase and/or regeneration of vacant, derelict or under-utilised land or building(s)

  4. the funded project will support local area regeneration and/or community development and/or economic growth, and

  5. the need, and support, for the project can be demonstrated through a local plan and engagement.

Capital expenditure

Capital expenditure is the money spent on providing or improving non-current assets, which include land, buildings and equipment, which will be of use or benefit in providing services for more than one financial year.

Application deadline

Applications must be submitted to no later than 10am on 16 October 2023.


To apply, an organisation must be based, and operating, within the Stirling Council area and must:

  • be constituted

  • be well run and properly managed

  • have sound financial procedures; and

  • have the capability to effectively deliver the project/activity for which they are applying for funding and have the resources to deliver on an ongoing basis upon completion of the initial project investment, within the aforementioned timelines.

Applications must be submitted to not later than 10am on 16 October 2023.

Complete the application form as well as review the conditions and criteria.

Key project dates

Your project must be legally committed by the end of March 2024. This means that any legal consents (planning, building control etc) are in place.

Your 3 quotes have been identified for each contract and the approved contractor(s) appointed and contracts signed by the latest end of March 2024.

Any remaining payments for a contract must be made to the contractor by the end of September 2024.

State Aid

You must declare any subsidy (previously this was de minimis State Aid, under EU Law 1407/2013) support from all public agencies received in the past 3 years, plus any pending applications for support.

When you received that support the provider will have supplied you with the de minimis value of the support. If this exceeds 350,000 Special Drawing Rights, around £315,000 (the exact value is calculated daily) then you are not eligible for the Place Based Improvement Fund.