Planning toolbox and guidance

The Stirling Council planning toolbox explains every step of the planning application process. It will help you understand what happens to your application, and what you can do to give your application the best chance of success.

The Toolbox is split into sections and is based around the questions we're asked most often.

  • how is it decided where development should and shouldn’t happen?
  • do I need planning permission?
  • is the Council able to decide how it deals with development proposals?
  • what types of planning applications can be submitted?
  • how do I make a planning application, including pre-application advice
  • how are planning applications assessed?
  • how to make comment on a planning application
  • who will determine the planning application?
  • procedures for planning and regulation panel
  • service standards – our commitments to providing a quality planning service

An easy-read version is also available.