Conservation - Trees

Trees are a vital component of the landscape and make a great contribution to the attractiveness of Stirling's towns, villages and countryside.

Trees enhance views and help to define the character and a sense of place. They provide colour and seasonal interest and are central to the well-being of the area's plants and animals, as well as helping to reduce the effects of global warming.

This section will help you find the right information and contact details to deal with your tree-related enquiry. It may also prove useful to read the Development Advice Note, Trees and the Law.

If you are planning on carrying out tree work then first consider who owns the tree and whether it is protected by a Tree Preservation Order or is within a Conservation Area.

General information on Tree Management.

Tree preservation orders.

A Tree Preservation Order (TPO), protects trees and woodland and safeguards their removal or destruction. It is an offence to carry out work to such trees without the consent of the Council.

Trees within a Conservation Area (CA) are also protected by law, and before carrying out any work you must apply to the Council. If you are unsure whether your tree is within a CA please check with the Tree Officer.

Healthy trees that are less than 7.5cm (3in) in diameter measured 1.5m (59in) above the ground do not require an application. The Council requires no less than 6 weeks' notice before you plan to start tree works.

How to apply

If your tree is protected by a TPO or meets the above criteria within a CA then you must make an application before carrying out any work. You are encouraged to obtain a tree report and submit this along with your application and this can be obtained from a qualified tree surgeon/consultant.

Completed forms should be returned to the council Tree Officer.

Emergency Work to Protected Trees

If the trees you plan to fell are dead, dying or dangerous, 5 days' notice should be given to the Council. In the event of an emergency, you do not have to apply, but it is essential to collect photographic evidence of the trees, along with a tree surgeon's report to be submitted no later than 5 days after the removal of the danger. Replanting of any felled trees will normally be required.

Trees and Development

If your property was built later than the mid-1970s, the trees by your property may also be protected by Planning Conditions. These may state that you will need local authority consent to carry out any works on these trees, and if such a condition applies you will have to apply to undertake the work.

If you are considering a development close to trees, please read the Stirling Council Development Advice Note Protecting and Managing Trees on Development Sites.

Tree Preservation Orders

For further information on TPO's, please see our Tree Preservation Order page.

Please submit your application either by e-mail or by post to The Tree Officer Planning Services Stirling Council Teith House Kerse Road Stirling FK7 7QA.



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