Clearing Roads

The Winter Maintenance Policy prioritises which roads and footpaths receive the appropriate treatment during adverse weather. 
The Council prepares a plan of action, setting out how it intends to treat ice and snow in a reasonable and logical manner. 

The teams have a priority system during adverse weather so that main routes are treated first.

Priority One Routes

Receive precautionary salting and are roads which have a cumulative daily flow of more than 800 vehicles a day, including roads to Emergency Services establishments.

These routes shall receive precautionary salt treatment between 5.30 am and midnight and;

• Clearance of snow accumulations 24 hrs per day.
• The treatment of ice formations 24 hrs per day. 

Priority Two Routes

Comprise of roads which have a cumulative daily flow of more than 600 vehicles, and are salted if snow and ice are forecast beyond midday.

Priority Three Routes

Are identified tertiary routes where the cumulative daily flow of traffic is greater than 400 vehicles and Priority Four Routes cover all other roads including residential areas which are only treated in exceptional circumstances, with priority being given to locations with difficult junctions, gradients and bends

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