We welcome enquiries from prospective adopters throughout the year.  You can enquire for further information through our online form.  If you wish to proceed, our online form can be used to arrange a visit from one of our social workers.

We undertake recruitment campaigns twice a year by advertising and offering the opportunity for enquirers to discuss their interests with a social worker.  You can discuss your circumstances with our social workers and we will help you work out if it is appropriate for you to take your enquiry forward.

We ask that those interested in Adoption wait until the next adoption recruitment is underway so that they can be part of the group preparation courses which we run.  Find out more about some of the checks we undertake for people interested in Adoption.

We require that applicants attend preparation courses.  Our courses are delivered in evenings and weekends.

Last updated: Tuesday, October 29, 2019 4:51 PM