Fostering is a way of offering children and young people a home while their own parents are unable to look after them.  This is often a temporary arrangement lasting from a few weeks to years and we aim to return children to their parents or birth families as soon as possible, with support if necessary.  If this does not prove possible, foster carers would continue to care for the child until long-term plans are made, for example, an adoptive or permanent fostering placement (sometimes children remain with the original foster carer).

If you are interested in fostering

Find out about what types of foster care opportunities are available and the personal qualities we seek from prospective foster carers

The next step

Learn about checks, training and assessment processes prospective foster carers will undertake prior to becoming a registered foster carer.

Support for foster carers

We work closely with our foster carers to provide support and advice, training opportunities and promote our service provider scheme, designed to recognise a carer's developing experience in their fostering role.

We provide Foster carers with ongoing training, support as well as allowances to cover the cost of the care of the child and a fee based on the carers skill level.  

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