Within our City Centre, there are lots of different types of housing. Some of these homes don't have the space to store a wheelie bin. To make sure we can offer the same service to all of our households, we have adapted the way we collect your waste in the City Centre.
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Wheeled BinsIf you have a wheeled bin, you should put it out to be emptied by 7am on your collection day and returned to your property as soon as possible, no later than 7pm.  Bins can only be presented within this time zone and then must be removed from the streets until your next collection day.

Purple SacksIf you do not have a wheeled bin, you will be allocated a supply of purple sacks for your general waste.

We will collect your general waste in a purple sack on a Monday and a Wednesday between 4.30pm and 6.30pm.

You will be issued sacks in rolls of 50, this allows for 2 sacks to be presented each week. 

Please do not use a black sack as an alternative as these will not be collected and will be treated as fly-tipping.  Fly-tipping could incur a fixed penalty notice.

We can only accept one purple sack per collection.  This means you can only put one purple sack out on a Monday and one out on a Wednesday each week.

If you require more purple sacks, the easiest way to request this is to complete our online form

Recycling Points
If your property does not have wheeled bins or boxes, the easiest way to recycle is to use your nearest City Centre recycling point.

Our map shows where your nearest recycling point is.

Recycling City Centre




Last updated: Friday, January 28, 2022 7:53 PM