Information to help guide you through the funeral services offered by Stirling Council.

Public health funerals

Funerals are normally arranged and paid for by the family or friends of the deceased. In some circumstances, where there are no known relatives, or the family is unwilling or unable to pay for the funeral, Stirling Council will provide a public health funeral.

Read an overview of public health funerals carried out by Stirling Council

Affordable funerals

A funeral can be expensive, often costing thousands of pounds. By arranging part of the funeral yourself, you can make significant savings.

Our cemeteries service offers an affordable alternative that won't leave families in financial hardship. We achieve this by taking on certain responsibilities normally carried out by a funeral director.

These funerals currently cost £1,800 and include:

  • transfer of your loved one to a place of rest and them to a cemetery of your choice
  • a standard coffin in light or dark wood veneer
  • meeting the family at the cemetery entrance on the day of the interment
  • placing the coffin atop the grave or on trestles a short distance away
  • ceremonial cords

You’ll have to arrange any other elements, such as cars, flowers and hospitality, yourself.

For more information, call 01786 237778 or 01786 237780 during working hours.

Funeral Support Payment

The Scottish Government can provide a one-off Funeral Support Payment to help people on a low-income or benefits meet the cost of a funeral.

You can apply for this payment from the date of death, up until six months after the funeral has taken place. If you’ve already received a Funeral Expenses Payment from the Department of Work and Pensions, you won’t be eligible for a Funeral Support Payment.

You can apply for a Funeral Support Payment online at the Scottish Government website.

If you don’t have a permanent address or bank account, you can apply by phone or by post. There’s information about how to do this on the Scottish Government website.

Memorial benches

You can donate a memorial bench to celebrate or commemorate a friend or family member in any of our cemeteries. Bench locations are restricted to areas that are not suitable for burials.

To apply, write to:

Stirling Council
Cemeteries Service
Allan Water House
Kerse Road

You should state the cemetery where you wish the bench to be located. There is currently a waiting list for memorial benches. Requests are approved on a first-come-first-served basis.


You'll need to meet the cost of the bench and its installation. Stirling Council has 2 recommended suppliers for this service: J & J Learmonth and Streetscape Ltd.


Stirling Council will guarantee any bench for a period of one year from installation. The guarantee covers failure of the structure of the bench and painting or staining but does not cover damage by vandalism.

Once a bench has fallen into a state of disrepair, we will write to or call the donor. If the donor does not remove or repair the bench within one month of the date of the letter or call, we will remove the bench.