Taxi and private hire privacy notice

First published

30 Mar 2022

Last updated

30 Mar 2022

Stirling Council - Privacy Notice for Taxi and Private Hire Driver Support Fund

Our website contains a Register of Data Processing which lists all the different ways in which the Council uses personal data.
This Privacy Notice provides more information about just one of those processes.

Why does the Council process personal data?

You are giving us your personal information to allow
us to determine whether your business is eligible to
receive funding from the Taxi and Private Hire
Driver Support Fund and to administer that funding
to your business.
We also use your information to verify your identity
where required, contact you by post, email or
telephone and to maintain our records. This local
authority is administering the Scottish Government
Coronavirus Business Support Fund.

What personal data is used?

When we are handling your request, we will let you
know what types of information we are asking for.
These data fields are listed on our online application
For example, this includes; your name; your contact
details, business details and additional information
that relates to your request.
We also need to process more sensitive personal
information about you in order to meet our legal
obligations in relation to employment, social security
and social protection law.

What makes it lawful for the Council to process this
personal data?

GDPR Article 6(e) Public task: the processing is
necessary for you to perform a task in the public
interest or for your official functions, and the task or
function has a clear basis in law.

Where does the Council obtain personal data from?

We will obtain personal data from your application
This will be taken from the information you have
provided or data sharing with other internal systems
(i.e. Non Domestic Rates system)

Where does the Council keep personal data?

Your personal data is stored on a secure system
which can only be accessed by limited Stirling
Council employees in order to process your

How long does the Council keep personal data?

Time period is set out in the law, but in most cases,
it is based on the business need. We maintain a
records retention and disposal schedule which sets
out how long we hold different types of information

Who does the Council share personal data with?

We are legally obliged to safeguard public funds, so
we are required to verify and check your details
internally for fraud prevention. We may share this
information with other public bodies (and also
receive information from these other bodies) for
fraud checking purposes.
We are also legally obliged to share certain data
with other public bodies, such as HMRC and will do
so where the law requires this. We will also
generally comply with requests for specific
information from other regulatory and law
enforcement bodies where this is necessary and
Information will be shared with the Scottish
Government to help improve support to local

Who do I contact about my personal data?

The Council has a Data Protection Officer to make
sure it is complying with data protection laws.
Contact details for the Data Protection Officer are,

Data Protection Officer,
Stirling Council,
Teith House,
Kerse Road,
Telephone: 01786 404040