Public processions and parades


All organisers of processions or marches should note that they must notify the Council if they intend to hold a procession or parade. At least 28 days’ notice is required.

There is Scottish Government Guidance on holding marches and public processions.

Stirling Council must be notified of any public processions, marches and parades the council works closely with Police Scotland to ensure that these events are organised in a safe manner and cause minimal disruption or inconvenience. All notifications received by the Council will be shared with the Chief Constable and the Council's Roads Team.

Policy and Guidelines

The Council follow it's “Policy, Guidance and Standard Conditions for Organisers and Participants” in relation to marches sets out what the Council need to take account of when assessing notifications to hold a procession.  It also sets out the steps that the Council should take when considering whether it is necessary for it to prevent a procession from taking place or place conditions on it  such as rerouting. This will include liaising with all statutory consultees and other relevant Council services such as the Roads Team.

All marches and parades must adhere to the Council's Guidance and Standard Conditions

To submit a notification

If you wish to submit a notification, please complete the online form. You must also complete the risk assessment form.

Alternatively please download and complete the notification and risk assessment forms below.

We require 28 days' notice for all notifications and a copy of your notifications will be sent to Police Scotland.


Public procession register

Public Processions