Conditions of lets for Raploch Campus

First published

10 Oct 2022

Last updated

06 Dec 2022

Raploch Campus conditions of let

  1. The lessees will be responsible during the course of the let for the proper control of the let and shall be liable for and shall indemnify the Council in respect of:

    any damage caused to the premises let and/or to the furnishings, fittings, equipment and others belonging to Stirling Council contained in, or part of, the premises let are situated arising from or during the course of the let and the cost of repairing such damage; and

    any damage to the property of any person or personal injury or death caused to any person arising from, or during the course of that let.

  2. Any damage to the premises, fittings or equipment therein found prior to the commencement of the let must be reported to the Janitor on duty before the commencement of the let. Any damage to property during a let must be reported to the Receptionist immediately.
  3. The Council will not be liable for any damage to or loss of property brought to or left in the premises or for any personal injury or death caused to any person arising from, or during the course of the let. No person obviously intoxicated or under the influence of drugs shall be admitted to the premises.

  4. The lessees will use the premises solely for the purpose(s) stated in the letter authorising the let and will ensure that the premises are left in a clean, neat and tidy condition. If, as a consequence of the use of the premises, any unusual or abnormal amount of cleaning is required, this will be carried out by employees of FES and the lessees will meet the cost thereof.

  5. The lessees will not enter or leave later than the times stated in the lets. The lessees will nominate a person who will be deemed to be the 'responsible person’ in respect of any let. The lessees shall be obliged to advise the Council of any change in the responsible person, as may occur from time to time throughout the currency of the let. The lessees shall on no account sublet any part of the premises let to them.

  6. Any person involved during the course of the let with regular contact or being in sole charge of a relevant group meaning “children and young people under the age of 18, or vulnerable adults”, shall be subject of a Disclosure Scotland Check.

  7. The person responsible for the let is also responsible for notifying any changes in those group leaders or other helpers similarly vetted by Disclosure Scotland during the currency of the let and who require to be vetted.

  8. The person responsible is required to monitor the behaviour of all persons using the Campus for the purpose of their let including supervising parking arrangements to ensure all users park in the parking spaces provided at the side of the building. Parking on the pavement or walkway is strictly prohibited.

  9. The lessees are responsible for ensuring compliance with any emergency regulations or special or other in force for the time being. The lessees will familiarise themselves with the Schools fire regulations in order that they will be able to take the appropriate action in the event of fire alarm occurring during the course of the let and be aware of the position of emergency exits, first aid points and the nearest telephone.

  10. If required by the Council, the lessees shall wear footwear which is considered by the Council to be appropriate within the premises let.

  11. Authorised officials of the council shall be entitled, in the course of their duties, to have access at all times to the premises let.

  12. The Council reserves the right to cancel any let at any time and without reason given. The Council shall refund any charge paid in advance for any let cancelled after due notice, or else terminated by the Council, unless the cost of any damage to the premises let and/or equipment belonging to the Council remains unpaid, when such sums held by the Council, or part, may be applied towards the cost of such damage.

  13. The Council shall not be obliged to refund any letting charge paid in respect of any premises let, unless the lessees have given notice in writing/email at least 48 hours prior to the commencement of the let of their intentions to cancel.

  14. Where premises are let free of charge by the Council in terms of this scheme, and the lessees make any charge (whether by direct admission charge or other means on members of the public entering the premises let), the lessees shall display prominently within the premises and print on any ticket, programme or other permits to admit the fact that Stirling Council have granted use of the premises free of charge. In the event of contravention of this condition, the council shall not be obliged to let any other premises to the lessees in question free of charge.

  15. The Lessees shall be obliged to obtain any Public Entertainment Licence or other permission from the Licensing Authority under the Civic Government (Scotland) Act 1982, and may be required, as a result of the use proposed for the premises let.

    Lessees, unless exempt, are also required to pay the Performing Right Society Limited if music is performed or reproduced by any method in any part of the venue as part of the event being held. Performing Right Society dues will be payable by the lessee at point of booking.

  16. Only catering from the on-site Bistro is allowed to be consumed upstairs. Any catering ordered needs to remain outside of the meeting rooms.

  17. The booking form offers a choice of five different room set ups for Meeting Rooms 4 and 5. These are the only layouts that can be provided in these meeting rooms, seating and table numbers may be adaptable depending on available furniture. The layout of Meeting Rooms 1 to 3 cannot be modified.

  18. At no point throughout the duration of the hire should any persons that are not FES FM staff change the room layout. This leads to furniture, carpets and walls being damaged and may lead to lessees incurring a charge.

  19. Smoking is prohibited except in designated smoking areas.

  20. In the event of an accident the lessee must complete an accident form available from the Receptionist on duty.

  21. Any breach of the foregoing condition may result in the let being terminated.

  22. Value Added Tax shall be added to any letting charge due by the lessees, where so required by regulations made by HM Customs and Excise.

  23. For the avoidance of doubt the following definitions shall apply to these conditions:
  • 'The Council' means Stirling Council.
  • 'The Organisation' means the Organisation granted the let.
  • 'Let' means either:
    • where a charge is made for the use of the premises, a lease in respect of each occasion on which the premises may be used: or
  • where no charge is made for the use of the premises, a permission to use the premises at the pleasure of the Council.
  • 'Lessees' means:
    (a) the Organisation,
    (b) the authorised office bearers who applied for the let, and
    (c) the responsible person

    all bound jointly and severally. This means that the authorised office bearer and the responsible person are personally bound to ensure the compliance with these conditions and may be held liable for any claim arising from the let.
  • ‘Vulnerable Adult‘ means: a person aged 18 or over who receives personal care, nursing, or support to live independently in own home or care home; receives any health or social care services; has a substantial learning or physical disability: or has a physical or mental illness or mental disorder (chronic or otherwise) including an addiction to alcohol or drugs; or substantial reduction in physical or mental capacity due to advanced age or to illness."