The Stirling Plan

Stirling Council is a member of the Stirling Community Planning Partnership.

Under the Community Empowerment (Scotland) Act 2015, this type of partnership must publish a local outcomes improvement plan. This is a document that:

  • lays out the partnership's priorities for tackling inequalities and improving outcomes in the area
  • explains how the partnership will take action on this

Stirling Community Planning Partnership’s plan is called 'the Stirling Plan'. It explains how the council and its partners will work together to help people be:

  • part of a prosperous economy that promotes inclusive growth opportunities across our communities
  • healthy, and able to live active, full and positive lives within supportive communities
  • skilled and supported to make a positive contribution to our communities
  • part of a safe and caring community within an attractive and sustainable environment

Locality action plans

Under the Community Empowerment (Scotland) Act 2015, Stirling Community Planning Partnership must also:

  • identify the areas where people experience significantly poorer outcomes which result from socio-economic disadvantage
  • publish plans that explain what partners will do to make a difference to the inequalities in outcomes that people experience in these areas

These plans are known as locality action plans. The partnership has produced plans for 8 communities in the Stirling Council area.

Locality Action Plan for Bannockburn and Hillpark

Locality Action Plan for Cornton

Locality Action Plan for Cowie

Locality Action Plan for Fallin

Locality Action Plan for Mercat Cross

Locality Action Plan for Plean

Locality Action Plan for Raploch

Locality Action Plan for St Ninians