Fishing in Stirling

When and where you can fish around Stirling, and guidance on permits and rules.

Fishing season

Salmon fishing

The salmon fishing season runs from 1 February to 31 October.

Trout season

The trout season runs from 15 March to 6 October. 

When you can fish during these seasons

During these seasons, you can fish from Monday to Saturday.

You cannot fish on Sunday.


River Forth

The River Forth is 47 km (29 miles) long. It's one of Scotland's major rivers, and drains the eastern part of the central belt.

Route of the Forth

The Forth rises in Loch Ard, which is a mountainous area of the Trossachs that's 30km (19 miles) west of Stirling.

It flows eastward through Aberfoyle, and is then joined by the River Teith and the River Allan.
From Stirling, the Forth flows east over the Carse of Stirling. It passes Cambus, where it's joined by the River Devon, and then Alloa and Airth.

After Kincardine, the river widens into an estuary. This is known as the Firth of Forth.

Water levels

Read SEPA's water level data for the River Forth at Craigforth, Stirling

River Teith

The River Teith is a branch of the River Forth. It's renowned for its fishing, and for an arched bridge that's half a mile south-west of Doune

Route of the Teith

The Teith begins in Callander, then flows through Deanston and Doune. It then joins the River Forth near Stirling.

Water levels

Read SEPA's water level data for the River Teith at the Bridge of Teith


The following fishing spots are within a 12-mile radius of Stirling.

Fishing spot Location Types of fish at this location
Castle Hill Reservoir By Muckhart Brown trout, rainbow trout, pike, perch
Cockburn Reservoir Bridge of Allan Brown trout
Crook of Devon Fishery By Kinross Brown trout, rainbow trout
Glenquey Reservoir By Muckhart Brown trout
Glensherrup Trout Fishery By Dollar Rainbow trout, brown trout
Loch Coulter By Denny Brown trout
Loch Leven By Kinross Brown trout, rainbow trout
Lower Frandy Reservoir By Muckhart Brown trout
River Allan Bridge of Allan Salmon, sea trout and brown trout
River Carron By Denny Brown trout, sea trout, salmon, grilse
River Devon Clackmannanshire Brown trout, salmon, sea trout
River Forth Stirling Salmon, sea trout, brown trout
Swans Water Stirling Trout
Wellsfield Farm Fishery Denny Trout