Free sanitary supplies

How to obtain free sanitary supplies in the Stirling Area

Statement of provision

The Period Products (Free Provision) (Scotland) Act 2021 now requires local authorities to:

  • Ensure period products are generally obtainable free of charge;
  • Education providers (have) to ensure period products obtainable free of charge by pupils and students; and
  • Specified public service bodies (have) to ensure period products are obtainable free of charge by persons in their premises.

The aim of the Act is to help end period poverty and the stigma around this, by making sure everyone who needs these products can pick them up for free at an easily accessible pick up point – with no questions asked.

Section 1 of the Act requires Local Authorities to make period products available for anyone who needs to use them. We will refer to this as community provision in this statement.

Section 2 of the Act places a duty on education providers to make period products obtainable free of charge on their premises for pupils and students during term time. We will refer to this as Education provision throughout this statement.

Findings of the initial consultation

Between May 2022 and July 2022, Stirling Council conducted an initial consultation with communities across Stirling about the provision of free period products. Two surveys were issued, one for education provision and one for community provision. Respondents, for the most part, supported the approach we are currently taking and are in favour of online ordering and access to reusable products.

Community Survey

There were 158 responses to the community survey.

The majority of the respondents who had accessed current free period products provision said they found the products easy to access, they felt comfortable in doing so, were not embarrassed, and that their dignity was considered.

We asked respondents which period products should be made available in the community (selecting all that apply) and the results were as follows:

  • Pads (95%)
  • Tampons (87%)
  • Reusable pads (49%)
  • Period pants (49%)
  • Menstrual cups (48%)

The majority of respondents said they would access free period products in future and that they would like to have an online ordering option. Community venues and Council buildings were also a popular pick-up location. Within these locations, respondents would like to pick up products from toilets, reception and from a display stand.

Education Survey

The  consultation took place within Stirling Council’s primary and secondary schools to evaluate current provision and to establish any amendments required to ensure provision was in line with the Period Products (Free Provision) (Scotland) Act 2021.

There were 379 responses to the survey with 298 young people responding to the secondary survey, and 81 young people responding to the primary survey. 47% of young people within secondary schools stated that period products are freely available within their school, with 35% stating that they feel comfortable accessing products in school. Over 50% of young people within primary schools stated that they can access products in a way that feels comfortable to them.

Over 70% of pupils within primary schools would like access to, or would like to try, reusable products.

The majority of young people (73%) within secondary schools were happy to have access to pads and tampons, with 30% indicating that they would like access to reusable products.

Community and Education Provision

The output from the initial consultation has informed the Period Product Implementation Plan, which covers both community and education provision. The results of the education consultation will be shared with schools.

We will continue to provide period products in all primary, secondary and additional support needs schools, as well as a range of Council buildings and community locations.

Available products and how to get them

Disposable products can be obtained free of charge from schools, Council buildings and community locations. Anyone living in or visiting Stirling can pick up products from a location and they can take as many or as few products as required. 

Methods for obtaining products

Products are available to pick up within locations across Stirling, this includes schools, community locations and council offices. Respondents to surveys chose toilets as their preferred pick up area in a location.

The list of locations and availability will be updated on the Period Products App - PickUpMyPeriod is available to download via iOS and Android.

A list of locations where you can access free period products is available below.

List of locations to obtain free products

You can access free sanitary products at these locations.


  • Balfron Library
  • Bannockburn Library
  • Bridge of Allan Library
  • Callander Library
  • Cambusbarron Library
  • Central Library
  • Cowie Library
  • Doune Library
  • Drymen Library
  • Dunblane Library
  • Fallin Library
  • Plean Library
  • Raploch Express Library
  • Stirling Reference Library
  • St Ninians Library
  • Strathblane Library
  • Mobile libraries

Halls and centres

  • Allan Centre
  • Alpha Centre
  • Balfour Centre
  • Bannockburn Centre
  • Bannockburn Centre
  • Cambuskenneth Village Hall
  • Cornton Centre
  • Cowie Centre
  • Hillpark Centre
  • Mayfield Centre
  • Muir Hall
  • Raploch Campus

Other venues

  • Stirling Council - Viewforth building
  • Customer First office - Stirling city centre
  • The Peak
  • Cowane Centre
  • Springkerse House
  • Gypsy traveller site
  • Tolbooth

Free sanitary products are also available from various Stirling Council teams who work across the community.



We will continue to raise awareness of the free period products provision in Stirling Council area via Stirling Council’s website and social media platforms. We will collaborate with partners, including the community, to promote provision and how to access period products. We will ensure signage for locations clearly shows where products are available within a venue.

Further Consultation and Service Review

Phase two of consultation on community provision is planned for October and December 2022 and will focus on local arrangements, and individuals who may face additional barriers to accessing products.

The written statement will be renewed after the phase two community provision consultation.

Thereafter, reviews of provision, through consultation, will be undertaken periodically.


If you have any questions about this provision or wish to provide feedback please contact the period products mailbox.