History and reference

Reference library

The reference library in Central Library has a large collection of reference material available. This includes:

  • National and local newspapers
  • A range of magazines including Which?
  • Atlases, ordnance survey maps and street plans
  • Business and law directories
  • Statistical information
  • Medical information
  • Biographical information including Who's Who
  • Encyclopaedias

Local and family history

Our reference and local libraries have collections of local study material, including:

  • Valuation rolls
  • Historical maps
  • Local newspaper archives
  • Old parish registrar records
  • Census records from 1841 to 1901
  • Street and trade directories from 1868 to 1932
  • Monumental inscriptions
  • Stirling burial index

The Ancestry Library Edition is a research tool that offers comprehensive genealogical information, including census data, immigration information, photos and maps. It is free to use on public access computers in our libraries.

Our Archives, Registrars and Cemeteries services can also offer help with your research.