Volunteering with us

Stirling Council libraries offer a wide range of volunteering opportunities across our service.  We have lots of volunteers who take part in the following volunteer roles, whatever your age or experience we are sure to have something to suit you. Our volunteer opportunities include:

I.T and ME Volunteer:

I.T. & ME Volunteers encourage existing and new library users to develop their skills in using digital devices. This includes helping absolute beginners to get online, or supporting those already comfortable with using their digital devices to make the most of online resources.

Coding Mentor Volunteer:

Volunteer Coding Mentors support young people to develop their skills in digital creativity through coding, or supporting them to use devices such as BBC Microbits, electronics and robotics kits.

Making Mentor Volunteer:

Volunteer Making Mentors encourage people of all ages and abilities to develop their making skills in whichever field or fields they have knowledge and experience. This might include 3D printing, laser cutting, electronics, jewellery making, textiles, printing and model making.

Outreach Volunteer:

Outreach Volunteers provide housebound readers with a full library service. The service is free and available to people who are unable to visit their library. Volunteers will collect books and deliver them to people on a fortnightly basis.

Reading Friends Volunteer:

Reading friends volunteers offer support to people in the community who may be vulnerable, isolated or have health conditions. Volunteers visit people in their own home or meet with them in their local library. After your first meeting you can arrange visits and activities to suit individual needs and support wellbeing.

Archives Volunteer:

Archives Volunteers help staff preserve the Archives records and make them accessible to the public. This can include cleaning and re-packing records and creating indices, which helps with the preservation of the records in our care.

Local and Family History Volunteer:

Local and Family History Volunteers assist library users with family history queries and help the library service promote and develop interest in local studies.

If you have a few hours to spare and are interested in volunteering in libraries please get in touch, we will ask you to meet us to discuss possibilities and fill out a short application form. We will also require a reference and for most roles we will ask you to complete a Disclosure check. If you would like to find out more about any of our roles you can contact our Digital Volunteer Coordinator here: walshh@stirling.gov.uk or by calling: 01786 237542

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