Community council election results

Community council 'vacancy elections' are currently taking place. These elections cover 20 of the 42 community council areas. You can find out about the nomination process in our guide to standing in a community council election.

2023 elections

The current community council elections began in April 2023.

So far, 22 of the 42 community councils have received enough nominees to either:

  • reconvene
  • form a new community council

You can find out about the make-up of these 22 community councils by reading our results from nominations process document.

2022 vacancy elections

Community Council Vacancy Elections 2022 results

2019 follow-up elections         

Community Council Follow-up Election 2019 Results

Community Council Ballot 2019 Results

2018 elections

Community Council Election 2018 Results

Community Council Ballot 2018 Results