Administration Grant

First published

13 Oct 2022

Last updated

13 Oct 2022

Administration Grant

Community Council Administration Grant

Each Community Council is entitled to a yearly (financial year) Administration Grant. The grant is made up of a fixed base rate plus additional amounts according to the maximum number of
Community Councillors each Community Council can have.

Prior to payment of the Administration Grant each year, an Administration Grant Request Form will be issued for completion; the Administration Grant will then be paid out after the Community
Council has submitted this Request Form together with their AGM Minutes and independently examined and signed Annual Accounts. If not submitted the Grant will not be paid.
The Grant will be paid with deductions for Insurance including Public Liability, Employers’ Liability and Trustees’ Liability, and if appropriate, Assets Insurance (not every Community Council owns

The admin grant is restricted funding and can only be used for the following:

  • hall/meeting room hire
  • photocopying
  • postages;
  • production of community council’s own newsletter or reasonable financial contribution to other forms of communication within the community
  • design or maintenance of Community Council’s own website
  • involving local people in local decision making (e.g. surveys or consultations on local issues)
  • participation in local and area Community Planning (e.g. any administration costs incurred by the Community Council becoming involved in community planning processes)
  • developing links with other local groups (e.g. costs incurred from joint working with organisations such as the local history society, pathways/environment groups, young people, minority groups, etc)
  • General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) registration fee
  • community councillor expenses
  • any additional insurance required

The Administration Grant is not provided to cover honoraria, donations or gifts to individuals or other community organisations. No part of the Grant should be passed to any other organisation
except in payment of goods or services received.

If the Administration Grant has not been spent in full, on permitted costs, by the end of the financial year, your Community Council may be asked to repay their underspend or the following year’s grant
may be reduced.