February 2023 Minutes

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Arnprior Community Council Tuesday 7 February 2023 Ordinary General Meeting Arnrprior Nursery


  1. Welcome and Apologies
  2. Approval of previous OGM minutes
  3. Cardross Bridge
  4. De-Fibrillator: maintenance
  5. Planning -Shelloch Wind Farm
  6. Your Stirling: You Decide' – Update
  7. Arnprior east bound bus shelter and Community
  8. Walking routes – signposts
  9. Roads- Invitation
  10. Police Report (as available)
  11. Councillor's Report (as available)
  12. Financial Report
  13. AOCB







Date of next OGM

April 2023, from 20.00 to 21:45

The meeting will take place in Arnprior Nursery.


Arnprior Community Council Tuesday 7 February 2023 Draft Minutes

Ordinary General Meeting Arnrprior Nursery



The chair welcomed all in attendance.In attendance: Iain Breakneridge; Wendy Weir; Sheena Adam;

Margaret Pitkeithly; Morag Shepherd; Jim Pitkeithly.

Apologies were received from Duncan Mcewan.


Minutes would be approved at the meeting in April


Cardross Bridge

The meeting was informed that Stirling Council had recently confirmed that they were committed to maintaining this significant transport artery and were in the process of programing further inspections to best inform procurement.

The CC welcomed this development.



A new battery for the de-fibrillator had been purchased and Trossach Search & Rescue, who maintain the facility, had been informed.


Planning: Shelloch Wind Farm

The chair informed the CC that F9 would provide an update for the meeting in April.


Your Stirling: You Decide

Contact had been re-established with the delivery co-ordinator and had been informed that a new co-ordinator had been appointed.

Contact was made by the new co-ordinator and that information on the next step would be sent following an appraisal of where the project is currently. Following this action the co-ordinator will be in contact with the parties to provide information on the way forward. Members will be kepy informed of developments.

Action: Chair


Arnprior east bound bus shelter and Community storage

The community had been informaed by the owners of the outbuilding that the propoerty was to be placed on the market for sale.

Accordingly, the building could no longer be used by the community as a bus shelter nor, in the rear, as a store for the community.

It was agreed that contact should be made with the relevant Stirling Council officer to discuss the effect of this change on the protection and convenience of the users of the bus stop.

It was reported that a meeting with the owner had taken place and that correspondence was on-going. In response, the CC took the view that an alternative storage facility would be an amicable solution and encouraged such an outcome to be pursued sanctioning the application of suitable funding should that be necessary.

IB brought to the attention of the members the significant contribution that had been made to address the issue by local resident and former chair, Ed Carrick. The members recorded their warm thanks to Ed

Action: Chair


Walking routes

IB informed the meeting that he will report on this matter at the meeting in April.

Action: Chair



Members were reminded that the manager of Stilring Council roads department had accepted an invitation to attend the ACC meeting of April 2000.That meeting had been cancelled as a result of the pandemic.

In acknowledging that road related concerns remained extant,the members decided that an invitation be sent to the manager to attend the next meeting of the CC.

Action: Chair



Police Report

No Police report had been made available.


Councillor's Report

No report was made available



The meeting was briefed on the available Information on the upcoming CC elections and an undertaking to keep members and the community informed was given.

Action: Chair


There was no further business and the Chair thank all those in attendance.

Next meeting: April 2023